Find hair styling tools such as hair straighteners, hair Combs, hair Massagers, Satin Bonnets etc.

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    Renate Hair Care and Styling Set - 10-Piece Hair Essentials Collection
    Renate Hair Care and Styling Tools Set – 10-Piece Hair Essentials Collection 110

    Experience the best hair care and styling with the Renate Hair Care and Styling Set. This 10-piece collection includes everything you need for detangling, edge control, parting, combing, scalp cleansing, and securing your hair effortlessly. Suitable for all hair types, lengths, and textures, these tools are handpicked to make your hair soft, manageable, and beautifully styled. Perfect for men, women, and kids, achieve salon-quality results at home with Renate.

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    Hair Wash Comb Set
    Hair Wash Comb Set 27

    This is a 3 comb set comprises a shampoo brush/scalp Massager, a detangling brush and a wide tooth comb to make your wash day a breeze.

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    Hair Styling Comb Set
    Hair Styling Comb Set 23

    This Set of 3 Hair Styling Combs Will Assist You Style Your Hair Like a PRO.

    The set comprises the 9-Row Detangling Brush  with round-ended nylon bristles that effectively shape and defines hair, massages the scalp and promotes blood circulation helping you minimize breakages and split ends. The double sided edge brush is the right tool for styling your edges. The metal rat tail comb is a pointed end comb that’s ideal for lifting, parting and styling hair.

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