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Renate Natural Hair Products
Best Natural Hair Products Kit

Hair Products Guaranteed

to Pamper & Grow your Hair Super Fast

Cure Dandruff, soften stubborn hair, stop split ends, breakage, Shedding and thinning as well as nourish, moisturize and promote quick healthy hair growth.

Renate Cosmetics Trusted Badges
2762 Reviews

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“Until I started using Renate Cosmetics’ hair products, I felt very ashamed when in the midst of women who had beautiful hair. Although some people told me I was beautiful, my hair told me a different story.

ALL I EVER WANTED was that my hair will be cleared of dandruff, stop breaking, be easy to manage and grow at a reasonably fast rate. Thank you Renate Cosmetics for helping me achieve my dream.”

- Obenewaa

Accra, Ghana

“My husband had never complimented me about my hair. Not even my wedding hairdo. But this month, he has already done it 4 times. I’ve been using the Renate products only 3 months now. I never knew that having good hair could have such an effect on my husband. Thank you papaapa!”

- Adwoa

Tamale, Ghana

“To be honest, I was skeptical about trying your hair products. But when I saw that you have a money back guarantee, I was moved to buy. After all, if it didn’t work, I thought to myself, I will get my money back. No company selling hair products in this Nigeria gives guarantee that the product will work.

My hair is growing nicely. It is also now easy to comb and I love that it feels much fuller now!”

- Chioma

Lagos, Nigeria


Ghana + Lagos + Abuja

Huge Savings

Best Prices

Risk Free

Money Back Guarantee

How you'll Benefit

Here are just a few of the great benefits of using Renate Deluxe Hair Care sets.

Grow Hair Super Fast

Easily achieve between 15 - 20 cm hair growth (the highest possible for African hair)

Nourish and Moisturize

Beautiful healthy hair needs to be well nourished and moisturized. This set will take care of your hair with nature's very best!

Get Thicker Fuller Hair

Do you have thin light hair and want thicker and fuller hair? No problem. It's easy to achieve with these hair sets.

Soften Stubborn Hair

Is your hair difficult to manage? Do you struggle to comb it? You'll see results from the first time you use the products.

Cure Dandruff

Cures dandruff very fast. leaving you with a clean and healthy scalp.

Stop Breakages

Do you have a lot of shedding and breakages? Struggle no more. Many users of these products quickly experience up to 90% reduction in thinning, shedding and breakages.

What are people saying about these Hair products?

Using these products has been very very beneficial for my hair, although my hair is permed. It has reduced the breakages up to 90%.




The products are so wonderful. Try the hair mask and you will never fight with your hair again, whether natural or relaxed. 


Geraldine Mensah


Your products are very good. I used to have dandruff which was very itchy but thanks to Renate natural hair growth oil, my hair now good.




Renate Deluxe Hair Care sets Contain 6 products

Hair Shampoo

Hair Conditioner

Leave-in Conditioner

Hair Mask/Deep Conditoner

Hair Butter

Hair Growth Oil

There are 2 hair care sets – Deluxe Large and Deluxe Medium. Each of the sets contains the same 6 products but in different quantities. 

Deluxe Medium Set

Deluxe Large Set

“I’m impressed not only by the quality of products this company produces but also by their unique approach to customer service. Although I’m in Norway I still receive hair care tips and advice, and I love the results I’ve seen so far.”

- Shallot Atiemoh


Deluxe Hair Care Sets are Suitable for these Hair Types

Kinky 4A, 4B, 4C

Curly 3A, 3B, 3C

Wavy 2A, 2B 2C

Straight 1A, 1B, 1C

Permed Hair

Locked Hair

Thin Hair

Thick Hair

The products in the set are used differently for different hair types. That’s why we show every customer how to use the products for their specific hair type to get the results they desire for FREE.

Thanks. The products are very fantastic. My hair was short, but I can now hold pony




I really like your products. Now my baby’s hair is fuller. Thank you




Why you should buy Renate Deluxe Hair Care Set

Best Quality

Huge Discount

FREE Delivery

Happy Customers

Silicon Free

Sulphate Free

Natural Ingredients

Order Convenience

Safe for Children

Complete Hair Kit

FREE Hair Advice

How to Use Videos

How to Get the Products in 3 easy steps?

Step 1

Place your order conveniently online.

Step 2

We process and deliver your order conveniently to you.

Step 3

Receive the products the same day or the following day.

Best Natural Hair Products Kit

Hair Products Guaranteed

to Pamper & Grow your Hair Super Fast

Cure Dandruff, soften stubborn hair, stop split ends, breakage, Shedding and thinning as well as nourish, moisturize and promote quick healthy hair growth.

Renate Cosmetics Trusted Badges
2762 Reviews

Prices Reduced by 30% This week!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the delivery method?

For those within Lagos (Nigeria) and Accra, Tema, Kasoa (Ghana), our delivery man will deliver the products to you at your chosen location. For those in Abuja, we use a delivery company to deliver to you.

Our delivery for Nigeria is limited to Lagos and Abuja at this time.

For those who are outside Accra, Tema or Kosoa but are still within Ghana,  we deliver to you using STC, O.A. or VIP parcel services and other commercial transport services. As long as there is a direct car from Accra to your town, we can deliver to you. 

What's the payment method?

Those who are within Lagos, Accra, Tema and Kasoa can pay on delivery. Our delivery man brings the products to your home or office, you receive the products, then you  pay cash to him. Those in Abuja, Nigeria will to pay before delivery ( contact details are given to you via SMS once you place your order).

Those in another town in Ghana can pay through mobile money or Visa. If you have a problem paying contact us on +233548767741 and we will give you a convenient method to pay.

Can I receive it in 24 hours?

Yes, if you are within Lagos, Accra, Tema or Kasoa. Those in Abuja, Nigeria, or in other locationsoutside those indicated above can receive their order within a maximum of 48 hours.

24 hours delivery is also available in Abidjan, Lome, Cotonou, Porto Novo, Ouaga, and Bamako when you order on our French website: https://renatecosmetics.com/fr

Can children use it?

Anyone, 1 year old and above can use them.

Is it for only natural hair?
How are the products used?
When will I start seeing results?
Do you guarantee that the products will work?